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Warman's American Records: Identification and Price Guide, 2nd Edition
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This updated edition of the authoritative Warman's[registered] vinyl reference manual now features full colour. New chapters on bootlegs, psychedelic rock, sports records, and 45s are included, as well as new sections on artists like David Bowie and Bob Dylan. The latest pricing information is a must for serious collectors and it's all included in this handy reference. Collectors and vinyl enthusiasts will enjoy this broad view of the collectible records field, which features categories in rock 'n' roll, country, blues, jazz, doowop, soul, funk, alternative, disco, heavy metal, new wave, and much, much more. The trivia section challenges the collector's knowledge of the field, and a special section on record care provides important advice on maintaining a collection. The book also features an easy-to-use index for tracking down any listing in seconds.